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Title: Welcome to VeloxTalk - The first decentralized cryptocurrency forum.
Post by: vtalk on September 21, 2018, 02:49:07 PM
Welcome to
You have likely stumbled across this forum while looking for alternatives to popular cryptocurrency forums that have lacked user activity, are riddled with low quality/malicious posts and are based on an unfair, imperialist community structure. In response to these concerns, the team at Velox have built VeloxTalk to be like no other - addressing all the shortfalls and negligences of existing forums.

What is Veloxtalk? What is its purpose?
VeloxTalk is the very first consensus-based cryptocurrency forum operated by project owners, blockchain experts and visionary individuals. We have opened this forum to allow individuals around the world to participate in the growth of a decentralized and consensus based community where forum rules, policy, user reputation and all other aspects of the forum are decided by community preference rather than a centralized administrative party.

What exactly are the key differences from our forum, compared to a forum such as the community? Here are just a few:

Sounds great! How do I access the rest of
1. Register using the "Join" link (Email verification is not required)
2. Visit the Reputation board and follow the guidelines to enable posting ability in the rest of the forum.

To find out more information, join our friendly and safe community! Registrations do not require email verification, and you will never be sent emails from our administration unless you have opted-in via your account control panel.

We look forward to having you on our forum!

- Lin0sspice
Velox Project Founder ([/url)