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Author Topic: ANN: CryptalDash Listing Competition - Vote for VLX (Guide)  (Read 36 times)

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Hello Velox Supporters!
Below is a guide how to signup to the CryptalDash Exchange & complete necessary social tasks to vote for a Velox [VLX] listing on the CryptalDash exchange

1. Firstly, visit - The Velox [VLX] Voting page for the Cryptal Dash Coin Competition

2. Signup to the CryptalDash Exchange

3. Complete a "Share" task.
This task shares the competition to expose Velox to higher chances of voting. The more social shares completed, the more votes achieved, and the higher chance we will finish #1!

4. Complete a "Follow" task.
Follow CryptalDash social media accounts to gain even more points toward the Velox Project listing!

5. Complete a "high leverage" task
Members who would like to go the extra yard for Velox can create reddit posts, youtube videos, bitcointalk threads and more to gain high-value points for our listing!

6. Buy CRD Tokens
Simple! 1USD = 100 Points. The more points you spend, the more points Velox will receive and the higher chances of an official CryptalDash listing!

Thank you all in advance for your support!